Christmas 2015

This is my first blog post and it gets to be about Christmas!

London is abuzz with Christmas right now. Shop windows scramble for our attention with bright red signs, advertising the latest festive goods. TV channels broadcast no end of Christmas films and radio stations delight in repeating the classic tunes of old.

I love Christmas. From the atmosphere on the streets to the feel-good vibes I get when I see our Christmas tree twinkling with lights, I love it. And like most things that make us feel good, it passes too quickly.

Its the 29th December and I’m already lamenting the end of my advent calendar… the stark absence of presents beneath the tree… the flat and empty stockings hanging in the hallway. I spend a year waiting for this event and it passes in only a few days.

I could sit here, pining over the rapidly approaching end. But instead I’ve opted to enjoy the fact that I’m off work until January… which is the first time in many years.

Tomorrow, my wife and I head out for dinner and to see this year’s local Christmas panto. May the festive atmosphere continue for as long as we can enjoy it!


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