Poole Trip

Today, my wife and I caught a coach trip down to Poole to visit a friend of ours for his birthday. In the past, I’ve always driven to Poole. But the drive there is quite taxing for me and has created what I can only describe as moments of strong anxiety. So this time, we … More Poole Trip

One Day at a Time

It has been an uneventful week, largely consisting of work and commuting. The days have been cold, grey and overcast. Some parts of the UK had snow but London has simply remained cold and barren. I’ve been feeling blue and I have no idea why. It could be due to recent pain resurfacing, as my … More One Day at a Time

Upcoming Spa Break

My wife and I have just booked a trip to a health spa and I’m getting very excited! We’ve taken many trips together in the past that have involved lots of walking and exploring, while others were about getting away from the hustle and bustle of London. In general, if we can relax in a … More Upcoming Spa Break

Dealing With Stress

Everyone deals with stress differently. But over the years, I’ve come to realise that I deal with it incredibly poorly. If something negatively affects me, it is really hard for me to shake it off… whether its an argument with someone, a bad day at work, a bad commute or something else. Even once I’ve … More Dealing With Stress


Last night I tried Clubbercise for the first time. This is a class at my gym that mixes clubbing and exercise to create 45 minutes of intense cardio by dancing to club tunes. I have to admit, it’s a brilliant idea and I had a lot of fun trying this out. The instructor turns down … More Clubbercise

The London Grind

My first four days back at work have been intense. Not just due to the work itself, but because the commutes have also been difficult due to train delays and cancellations. Mix cold and rainy weather into the equation and what do you get? The grind. Sometimes I don’t mind walking in the rain. In … More The London Grind