Q1 Begins

It’s Sunday 3rd January. The Christmas decorations are packed away, grey skies loom over London, rain has been falling all day, and I’m back in the office tomorrow. There’s no doubt about it… Q1 has begun.

I’ve read a lot of inspirational blogs on here about being ready to face 2016 with energy and optimism. I find those blogs very encouraging, as I’ve always found January to be the worst month. Like many other cities around the world, London experiences it’s most cold bitter climates in January and February. On top of that, many bad things have happened to me during the first quarter of the year, in both my work life and personal life. I tend to refer to it as “the curse of Q1.”

Still, rather than focus on the negatives I’m trying my best to look ahead with optimism and hope. As usual, exercising has lifted my mood considerably. It really is surprising just how good I feel after a run or gym session.

Hand in hand with exercising comes heather eating… which means ignoring the processed sugary treats I received over Christmas. I’m happy to indulge now and then, but eating everything currently in my possession would be pretty inadvisable for anyone. Have a look.


Instead, I shall be taking these goodies to the office with me tomorrow morning so my colleagues can enjoy them. That should eliminate any hint of rebellious snack urges that come my way.

That’s all for now. Take care everyone and good luck out in the harsh wilderness of Q1.


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