A Warming Winter Meal

As the cold sets in over London, I find walking to work to be far less enjoyable, despite the great views on offer. It is a brief walk to the Millennium Bridge from my office and the area is usually packed with tourists at lunch time. But today there were less than half the usual amount of people due to the weather.


I can’t blame them. I’m not a fan of the cold myself. Still, there are many comforts we can adopt to help us stay warm inside. Cooking a hearty meal is one of them, and one of my favourites is Sausage & Bean Chilli.

It may sound unhealthy, but in fact its low in fat and packed full of vegetables. Its also quick to prepare if you don’t mind using tinned vegetables like I do.

Start by frying some onions in a large saucepan, followed by some chopped sausages (I prefer Quorn sausages myself, hence the low fat content). Once they’ve cooked nicely, throw in a diced pepper.


After this, add some chopped tomatoes, a tin of kidney beans, and a tin of mixed beans in chilli sauce. Now come the seasonings, which is where you can experiment and have fun. I like paprika, chilli flakes, ground black pepper, and (for an extra kick) a few drops of habanero chilli sauce.


Let it all stew for the flavours to really mingle – this can be for as long or as little as you like. Then simply serve on a bed of rice with some rocket to garnish. And viola! A delicious and healthy meal that’ll keep you warm and cosy.


Do you have any winter warmer suggestions? If so, please post them in the comments šŸ™‚


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