Last night I tried Clubbercise for the first time. This is a class at my gym that mixes clubbing and exercise to create 45 minutes of intense cardio by dancing to club tunes.

I have to admit, it’s a brilliant idea and I had a lot of fun trying this out. The instructor turns down the lights and hands out glowsticks that you can strap onto your wrists. Then she turns on some strobing disco lights and turns up the music. All we have to do us follow her dance movements and we’re off!

What I liked most is that you don’t have to be good at dancing (because I’m not). You just need to be willing to try. And you’re also free to do your own thing. I did that a few times as there were times when the instructor’s choreography got a bit complicated for me.

There’s an official Clubbercise website where you can book classes, but conveniently I can simply attend the classes at my gym, Virgin Active. This time I was accompanied by my wife as I got a guest pass for her. But I’d feel perfectly happy going again by myself.

If anyone else is interested in a way to get fit while having fun, I strongly recommend this!


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