Fellowship of the Movies

Yesterday, my wife and I did something we’ve been wanting to do for several years. We went to a Lord of the Rings movie marathon… and it was the extended editions of each film too.


The cinema that did this was called the Prince Charles Cinema, located in Leicester Square in the heart of London. Unlike the big cinema chains, this quirky stand-alone cinema revels in its lack of corporate upselling and frequently screens films that are old and/or requested by the public.

They do sing-along events for films like Disney’s Frozen and quote-along events for films like Elf, all with enthusiastic cinema staff introducing the film and occasionally handing out prizes. They also have a blackboard for people to write down their most beloved films for consideration.


Its a livelier atmosphere than your typical cinema experience, which makes it much more fun in my opinion. It feels good when when the audience erupts into applause and cheers at those epic moments that sweep you away. A good example is when a large-scale battle is going wrong and then reinforcements show up to save the day.


The experience lasted a full 12 hours, but fortunately the seats recline and are quite comfortable. Even so, my wife and I had to get up now and then to stretch our legs (a major benefit of sitting by the aisle). This wasn’t the first time we’ve been to the cinema and it definitely won’t be the last. If you’re curious, check out their website at http://www.princecharlescinema.com

It’ll be a fun and unusual cinema experience you’re not likely to forget.


4 thoughts on “Fellowship of the Movies

  1. That marathon sounds awesome but I don’t know if I could sit for that long even with recliner seats. I’d need an hour or two break in between. Super fun though!


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