The Right Gear for Exercising

When I made the decision last year to get in better shape,  I chose running as it seemed like the simplest and cheapest type of exercise. Put on your trainers and head out the front door. While that’s still true, I was a little naive in my choice of attire.

My normal trainers are a few years old and – more importantly – not designed for running. After two days my knees hurt a lot and I didn’t want to run on pavements anymore. Even trying running on grass didn’t help that much.  So my first move was to purchase a pair of running shoes.


They only cost £25 from a shop called Decathalon so they didn’t break the bank, which is what I was lead to believe reading online about proper exercise gear. More importantly, they felt incredibly supportive on my joints and running suddenly felt great.

I was wearing T-shirts and jumpers for my runs, which are absolutely fine. But getting hot and sweaty resulted in them getting clingy and I’d have to keep re-adjusting my clothes. So my next purchase was some proper tops designed for breathability and a comfortable fit. This one of my newest purchases.


Now I’m exercising regularly at the gym, climate isn’t as big an issue but the correct shoes definitely are. The running tops also fit perfectly around my body.

Finally, I can track my progress thanks to a fitness tracker my wife bought me for our anniversary last year. Monitoring my progress is important to me and this does a great job, as I’m used to having a target to hit.


This is the most extravagant item on this list. It’s not essential for exercising, but very helpful to me as I don’t have to constantly be aware of my distance.

I’m exercising on a regular basis now. If you’re doing the same, then best of luck with your goals!

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