One Day at a Time

It has been an uneventful week, largely consisting of work and commuting. The days have been cold, grey and overcast. Some parts of the UK had snow but London has simply remained cold and barren.


I’ve been feeling blue and I have no idea why. It could be due to recent pain resurfacing, as my wife and I experienced a tragic event two months ago. It could also be the memory of losing my first pet at this time of the month, two years ago. Or it could be something as simple as seasonal affective disorder… except I’ve never fully understood if that even exists.


I’ve been keeping up my exercise regime, as that always helps me feel better. Listening to music has also been healing, particularly when combined with exercise. Even at my desk, certain tracks really help my mood. But the blues always come back when things get quiet.

Perhaps it is just the curse of Q1… that old dark cloud that hangs over the first three months of the year. For now, there’s nothing to do but ride it out. As with all things in life – both good and bad – this will eventually pass.

Stay positive, folks.

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