Poole Trip

Today, my wife and I caught a coach trip down to Poole to visit a friend of ours for his birthday. In the past, I’ve always driven to Poole. But the drive there is quite taxing for me and has created what I can only describe as moments of strong anxiety.

So this time, we got a coach from London Victoria and it was absolutely great. Not only is Victoria quick and easy to get to, but the coach was comfortable and allowed me to just sit back and play some games until we reached our destination. It’s slightly cheaper than the fuel I’d spend driving and only took about 20 minutes longer.


Our friend is really into board games and card games so we played some of those at his place. One in-particular was really fun, called the Sheriff of Nottingham. This was great because it was a social game that involved us all bluffing to each other, which lead to some funny moments.


We ate dinner at a cosy Italian restaurant called La Piazza, which did great pizza. I enjoyed one with beef and jalapeños, which was so spicy it actually made my eyes run. It was delicious though!


All in all… fun times 🙂


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