Destiny, Gym & The City

This week has consisted of working, exercising, playing games, and meeting friends. My commute to work has been nicer than usual due to infrequent (yet greatly appreciated) doses of sunshine. Its fascinating how quickly sunshine can brighten my mood. And its really nice to see the usually grey skyline of London looking bright and cheerful. … More Destiny, Gym & The City

Happy Valentine’s Day

Sunday 14th February. Valentine’s Day. Despite the usual snubbery I see dominating social media this time of year, I really enjoy this holiday. It doesn’t have to be for couples only. It’s about celebrating love – and love is what you make of it. I kicked off this Valentine’s Day with a McDonalds breakfast in … More Happy Valentine’s Day

40 Days

I’m not a religious person, but I’ve decided to give up chocolate for Lent. Since falling ill a few weeks ago, my exercise regime has fallen by the wayside. In addition to a lack of physical activity, I’ve also eaten a lot of junk food such as double-chocolate muffins and M&Ms. If I’d been exercising, … More 40 Days

Out for the Count

Sickness has reared its ugly head again. Although in truth, it never really went away. Throughout the course of my last two trips, I have been battling illness with lots of medicine. Now I’ve reached a point where I’ve lost my voice and have even collapsed from fatigue. Perhaps I picked up something new in … More Out for the Count

Champneys Health Spa

My wife and I have treated ourselves to a trip to a health spa called Champneys. There is a large focus here on healthy eating and being active, but also resting and relaxing. The room we’re in as quite small given that we paid for an upgrade, but the mansion itself is old and beautiful, … More Champneys Health Spa