Champneys Health Spa

My wife and I have treated ourselves to a trip to a health spa called Champneys. There is a large focus here on healthy eating and being active, but also resting and relaxing.


The room we’re in as quite small given that we paid for an upgrade, but the mansion itself is old and beautiful, located in the quiet countryside.


There is plenty to do here and we’ve already tried the swimming pool, a couple of hot tubs, a sauna and steam room. Unfortunately, phones are not allowed in the main areas of the spa but it has proven to be very relaxing and restorative.


A real fireplace adds a very cosy element to a quiet and relaxing evening, and you can enjoy complimentary tea and coffee while reading by the fire.



All the meals are included in our package and the food is healthy in keeping with the spa’s policy. You won’t find any chocolatey snacks for sale in the gift shop, and dinner is the only time guests are allowed to drink alcohol.


The quality of the food at dinner was very good. I had a spicy bean burger, which was served without a bun and plenty of salad.


Dessert consisted of fresh fruit served with frozen yoghurt, which was light and tasty.


All in all, we’re having a great time. Tomorrow we’re taking some fitness classes and a having a treatment done. I’m very much looking forward to them 🙂

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