Day 2: Champneys Health Spa

Day 2 at Champneys opened with an extravagant breakfast – healthy of course. Plenty of wholewheat bread items, fruit, cereal, muesli, and vegetable juices.


It may not sound particularly delicious but it was a nice selection given that fatty items (like bacon and sausages) were not available for health reasons.


After that, my wife and I tried a Zumba class for the first time ever. Like Clubbercise, dancing for 40 minutes is MUCH more fun than running or cross-trainingc at the gym. I might take it up regularly!


After that came a Thalasso therapy treatment in this pool. It involved multiple water jets that massaged different muscles in our bodies, while soaking them in mineral rich water. The aim is to improve circulation, digestion and various other things. The tangible effect is unseen and unfelt… and apparently it has never been proven to have any benefits whatsoever. But it was still fun.


After an impressive buffet lunch akin to breakfast, we took a stroll around the local woodlands. Ridiculously, this stressed me out more than it relaxed me (I am far too prone to mood swings). So after returning to the main resort, we hit the spa and I soon loosened up again.


These sauna and steam rooms are separated by a plunge pool in the middle and sandwiched between an ice bucket on the right (for post-sauna cooling) and a hot/cold shower on the left.


The outdoor jacuzzi is the by far the emptiest facility here, most likely because it’s February. I’m sure in the summer time, it is far more popular. To be honest though, once I’m submerged in hot water I don’t really care about the cold weather.



The evening saw an Aqua Fit class where we did water aerobics in a swimming pool to dance music. This was the most intense resistance training I’ve ever done, as we had to quickly ‘lift’ free weights under water, and moving in water naturally offers resistance anyway. It was incredibly fun though!


Dinner was an atmospheric affair once again but with a whole new menu compared to yesterday. I had chicken breast with green beans and beetroot. After a day of physical activity, this is the kind of nutrition the body is looking for to recover.

Now all I need is a good night’s sleep! 🙂


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