Day 3 & Final Thoughts: Champneys Health Spa

After a 3-day spa break at Champneys in Tring, I can genuinely this has been a wonderful treat for my wife and myself. The facilties allow you to be as active or as relaxed as you like, so you burn away calories in the intense fitness classes or relax in the hot tubs.


The grounds around the mansion are well maintained and would surely be a major plus point in the warm summer months.


The room we stayed was not that impressive, nor was the layout of the different areas. However, this is because they have adapted an old mansion and so naturally some compromises have to be made. If you enjoy a rustic feel to your hotels, you’ll feel right at home.


Where Champneys really excels is their spa facilities and food. As previously stated, all the food is healthy and alcohol is virtually non-existent. So although it feels like you’re indulging, everything you’re putting into your body is nutritious and beneficial.


A lot of care and attention has gone into this and the staff are attentive and super friendly. If you can look past the compromise of the room (or even just visit on a day pass) I think you’d find Champneys Tring to be an amazing break if you have a hectic work life.

Also… I saw Frank Bruno naked in a changing room and Ian Wright having lunch in the cafeteria. I didn’t say hi though… who wants to be disturbed in either of those situations? 😛

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