Happy Valentine’s Day

Sunday 14th February. Valentine’s Day.

Despite the usual snubbery I see dominating social media this time of year, I really enjoy this holiday. It doesn’t have to be for couples only. It’s about celebrating love – and love is what you make of it.


I kicked off this Valentine’s Day with a McDonalds breakfast in bed, which I know my wife loves. The card she gave me was particularly fuzzy and heart-warming, as she always chooses messages that hold particular relevance and meaning to the recipient. In my case, it was how she appreciates the things I do to make her happy.


It’s a sweet message and it means a lot to me šŸ™‚

During the day we went to the cinema to see Deadpool. I was half-dreading this as Ryan Reynolds annoys the hell out of me with his chattiness and the trailers only reinforced that element of his personality. But my wife wanted to see it so I agreed. Honestly… I enjoyed it. Ryan Reynolds’ annoying chattiness was bang on context for a film like this and Deadpool is a role that fits him like a glove.



For dinner we went to a restaurant called Tre Fratelli, which offered a very decent three-course menu for Ā£30 a head.


The venue itself was nicely decorated with a Valentine’s theme and the staff were on the ball with their service and were all very friendly.


The food was very nice. The starter above was an unusual mix of prawns and lobster with mango, melon and asparagus.


The main was a warming ravioli in the shape of hearts, topped with a tasty sauce made with brandy.



Ice cream and creme brulee rounded off the meal followed by tea and coffee. The best part, however, was an unexpected surprise with the bill… a couple of limoncello shots and a rose for my wife. A very nice touch šŸ™‚


Overall, it has been a great day… not just because of the things we’ve done but because we’ve done them together. I hope that whatever you’ve done today, you’ve had a great time too šŸ™‚


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