Five Guys & A Gym Buddy

Yesterday I had a little trip to Five Guys, a popular burger chain from America. They’re pretty new here in the UK (to my knowledge) but I’ve tried them a couple of times to my delight. I won’t go into massive detail other than to say it’s fast food that can be customised down to almost everything. An indulgent treat indeed 🙂


Today I hit the gym but this time I wasn’t alone. My wife has now joined! This makes me really happy. I’ve taken her there a few times before on guest passes, and she liked the classes we did together (see my earlier post entitled Clubbercise).

Having a gym buddy is excellent because it’s just more motivating to me if someone else is with me. Similarly, I am far more motivated to work when I’m at the office as opposed to working from home (which I do regularly). I guess it’s because I’m not alone with my own thoughts.


Today, my wife hit the swimming pool, sauna and steam room while I did one of my full sessions on the floor (cardio, core, resistance). Afterwards, we introduced each other to a couple of machines we weren’t familiar with… and that’s the best thing about having a gym buddy!

I’m feeling so good after today’s workout, I already can’t wait to go back. But for now, its time to kick back with a free Starbucks coffee earned from my exercise regime. Cappuccino with coconut milk – sweeter and lower in fat than a normal one 🙂


Happy Sunday, everyone!


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