Destiny, Gym & The City

This week has consisted of working, exercising, playing games, and meeting friends.


My commute to work has been nicer than usual due to infrequent (yet greatly appreciated) doses of sunshine. Its fascinating how quickly sunshine can brighten my mood. And its really nice to see the usually grey skyline of London looking bright and cheerful.


Due to work easing up (also an infrequent occurrence), I also enjoyed a walk around the city at lunchtime today and tried a small independent sandwich shop… as opposed to the usual chains I would go for such as Pret, EAT, Sainsburys or Co-Op. The customised sandwich I ate here was delicious and the staff were excellent. Another reminder I should go for the “little guys” more often.


My wife and I met some friends at our local pub last night. What’s great about this Wetherspoons is that it is located downstairs and across the street from our flat. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve visited here for food and/or drinks. Even better… they now stock Kirin Ichiban! Of all the Japanese beer you can find in London, this used to be the most difficult. But its arrival at Wetherspoons bodes well for the future 🙂


If you’re into video games, you’ve probably heard of Destiny. It is an open-world sci-fi game where you create your own character and explore a solar system occupied by alien armies that want to exterminate humanity. While this game has received wildly mixed reviews, I really enjoy it and I’ve been trying to figure out why I’ve gotten back into it so much lately.

Oddly enough… the answer is because I’ve been exercising.

The slogan of Destiny is “Become Legend.” It is a game that encourages you to improve yourself by learning new abilities, acquiring new gear, customising your weapons, increasing your strength and generally levelling up. I don’t know when it happened, but I realised this was the same mindset I have when I’m working out. I’m trying to make myself fitter and healthier… hopefully with visible results.

I’m obviously not going to “become legend” in real life, but I like the positive mental attitude 🙂 Also… its just a really fun game!


Finally, my wife and I hit the gym again for another class of Clubbercise. We’ve tried this fitness class before and now that she is a regular member of the gym, I’m glad to be exercising with her. As always, dancing is more fun than just standard running. Its also good to mix things up so I’m not doing the exact same exercise every day.

So that’s been my working week. I hope yours has been a good one too 🙂


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