Easter Weekend

It has been a great weekend spent with family and eating chocolate goods! That includes a chocolate flavoured Avengers cereal (another childish guilty pleasure for me). Like Christmas Day, Elle and I decided to spend half of Easter Sunday with my parents and the other half with her parents. This works out well for us … More Easter Weekend

Happy Good Friday!

The four-day weekend has begun! Elle and I spent the day at Westfield in Stratford today. Yes, it really is possible to spend an entire day enjoying this grandiose shopping mall. Our first port of call was Starbucks, where we redeemed our free coffee of the week. The photo above features cups signed by atheletes … More Happy Good Friday!

Goodbye, Aeris

Today my wife and I said goodbye to Aeris, one of three female gerbils whom we consider to be part of the family.   If you’ve never had pets, its a little hard to explain just how much this breaks my heart. Our gerbils mean so much to us, and we love them with all our … More Goodbye, Aeris