Lush Spa – The Comforter

Never let it be said that men are afraid of seeming “too girly” to use products like Lush cosmetics.

Ever since I first started going out with Elle, I have slowly learned more and more about Lush and their wide range of products. Back in the day, I was always put off by the mere smell of a Lush shop… using it as an excuse to not even enter and talk to a staff member. I never realised the smell was caused by the lack of unnecessary packaging (in order to help the environment).


Since then, I’ve discovered many great products to replace the usual generic bottles of artificial goo I used to absent-mindedly purchase during supermarket runs. Shower gels, moisturising cream, and yes… even facial masks. As a guy who endured acne through his entire teens and most of his 20’s, I can honestly see how useful face masks can be for the skin.


Today I redeemed a gift voucher Elle gave me for a Lush Spa treatment called The Comforter. This is an hour-long treatment that combines a massage with a chocolate body scrub and rose oil (okay… so maybe its sounding a bit girly now, but I don’t care).


This worked wonders on the sore muscles in my arms and legs post-workout. It was both relaxing and uplifting, and I’m told its great for the skin as well as the muscles.


The spa is located in a closed-off area of the shop, which is nothing less than a haven of quiet and relaxing ambience. The therapist was a woman called Georgie (I think) who was friendly, attentive, and very good at administering the treatment. After it was complete, I felt rejuvenated and energised.


Afterwards, you’re free to take your time lying down and then have a drink outside in the rest area. I was given a Cloud Cocktail, which looks like a cloud being dissolved because it is a puff of candy floss being dissolved by rose syrup.




Overall, I’d definitely recommend getting a Lush spa treatment. There are some very inventive ideas at work here, elevating them above your standard face-in-the-hole back rubs. Some of the treatments are quite pricey, but from my experience you definitely get what you pay for.

Have you been to a Lush spa yourself? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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