Sport Relief – My First Milestone

Today I ran the Sport Relief Mile with Elle. Together, we raised £172 and I’m feeling immensely proud.


The pride isn’t just from supporting a good cause, though. It’s also because I’ve never managed to run more than 60-90 seconds without slowing down to walk. When I saw that I had to run four laps around the track, I became convinced I couldn’t do it.


Sure, a mile isn’t a huge distance. Sure, some of you can probably do it without blinking. But to me, running has been incredibly difficult. This is my first real achievement since I started running – it is literally my first milestone.

And it won’t be my last.


Now that I’ve proven to myself I can run a mile without stopping, I’m going to go further. First, I’m going to get comfortable running a mile. Then push it to 1.5 miles. Then 2 miles.

By the time Sport Relief rolls around again, maybe I’ll even go for the 3-mile run. But we’ll see how it goes.


In the meantime, huge respect to everyone who’s participated in Sport Relief 2016 and huge gratitude to those who have donated/sponsored. It’s been a great event! 😀

6 thoughts on “Sport Relief – My First Milestone

  1. Well done on your first running achievement! Running a mile without stopping is harder than people think! I’m regretting not signing up for it myself now! I bet next year you will be running the 3 miles 😊

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