Easter Weekend

It has been a great weekend spent with family and eating chocolate goods! That includes a chocolate flavoured Avengers cereal (another childish guilty pleasure for me).


Like Christmas Day, Elle and I decided to spend half of Easter Sunday with my parents and the other half with her parents. This works out well for us as they live a short drive away from each other.

Both of them made roast lunches so we ended up eating quite a lot.


There were plenty of chocolate eggs exchanged between family members.


Snacks and nibbles were aplenty.


My father-in-law also made an inventive sponge cake decorated with chocolate flakes and mini eggs.


Even our gerbils Lexie and Robyn got a special Easter treat… an egg made from dandelion. They loved it 🙂



But amid all the decadent treats, I still consumed a lot of vegetables so it’s not all bad. Plus… I’m not going to beat myself up for eating chocolate over the Easter weekend. As usual, we’re exercising and staying active.


Here’s my first ever gym selfie!

I hope you’re all having a great Easter Weekend, whatever you’re up to!

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