The Joys of Aqua

Yesterday, my wife and I attended another Aqua class at our gym. This is a 45 minute session of water aerobics involving stretches, running, jumping and lifting with underwater weights. I really love this class, as it feels like you’re having fun splashing around in a pool when you’re actually having a great workout for … More The Joys of Aqua

April in Progress

April has been a month of socialising with friends, family and neighbours. From enjoying burgers at a local independent… to celebrating birthdays in pubs and restaurants… to getting free cocktails at Bubba Gump in Central London… it has been a really fun month. Yet its easy to forget all the good stuff when work fills … More April in Progress

Letting It Go

Have you ever seen the film Frozen in an adults-only late night screening, full of drunken people singing out loud at the top of their lungs? Well I have. Twice! By all means, I should hate Frozen. I never grew up on Disney, so I’ve never had any affinity for their films. In fact I’ve … More Letting It Go

Stand By Me

If the sky we look upon should crumble and fall Or the mountain should crumble to the sea I won’t cry, I won’t cry No I won’t shed a tear Just as long as you stand by me Stand By Me by Ben E. King is a classic song of companionship that I’ve recently grown … More Stand By Me