Letting It Go

Have you ever seen the film Frozen in an adults-only late night screening, full of drunken people singing out loud at the top of their lungs? Well I have.



By all means, I should hate Frozen. I never grew up on Disney, so I’ve never had any affinity for their films. In fact I’ve always disliked their general formula for children’s stories. I also hate musicals except for a few rare exceptions. I should hate Frozen, but I LOVE it!

The Prince Charles cinema does many sing-along screenings of it. The daytime ones are perfectly suitable for children, but the adults-only showings are about as rowdy as can be.

People cheer and jeer as much as they sing. Everyone laughs when Ana says “I want you to take me up the North mountain.” You get props like balloons and party poppers to play with at specific parts of the film.

It’s an amazing atmosphere and I really can’t recommend sing-alongs enough… assuming you like the film of course. Elle and I are on the train home as I write this and I’m STILL buzzing from the atmosphere 🙂

Check out the video the cinema made to advertise the event. It’s a hell of a night!


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