April in Progress

April has been a month of socialising with friends, family and neighbours.


From enjoying burgers at a local independent… to celebrating birthdays in pubs and restaurants… to getting free cocktails at Bubba Gump in Central London… it has been a really fun month. Yet its easy to forget all the good stuff when work fills so much of the void in-between. Some days can really take a toll.

That’s why its important to me to really remember and cherish the good times. And I’ve had two pretty amazing weekends in April so far.


The weather has been erratic. Some days it was fairly warm with temperatures reaching up to 18 degrees centigrade. Other days it was cold and brittle – we even got some snow yesterday. It isn’t unheard of for April in the UK, but I do wish it would warm up soon.


In the meantime, I’m going to keep moving forward… Stay active, indulge once in a while, socialise, and be grateful for all the great things in my life. Friends, family, health, and good times.


Until next time, folks!

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