The Joys of Aqua

Yesterday, my wife and I attended another Aqua class at our gym.

This is a 45 minute session of water aerobics involving stretches, running, jumping and lifting with underwater weights. I really love this class, as it feels like you’re having fun splashing around in a pool when you’re actually having a great workout for your whole body.


As usual, I was the only man present. The same is also true of our gym’s Clubbercise classes (a mix of clubbing and exercising in the dark with glow sticks). I can only recall one occasion per class where another guy was there. It makes me wonder if most of the men at my gym have an issue with masculinity. Perhaps there are people who hold an archaic (not to mention sexist) attitude of “I ain’t doing that cos’ its girly. I lift, mate. Cos’ I’m a proper lad.”


Now if guys genuinely don’t want to do fitness classes like Aqua and Clubbercise, then fair enough. But if they’re only avoiding them because they’re afraid of looking silly, then they really don’t know what they’re missing. Aqua and Clubbercise are some of the most fun workouts I’ve ever had. Aqua is especially excellent at toning muscles in the arms and back (underwater dumb-bells… genius idea).


As for any issues about image, I can only recommend being honest about what you want. If you want to do a fitness class, just do it guys. Real strength is not letting someone else’s opinion of you dictate what you do. And if you don’t like it, at least you can say you weren’t afraid to try it 🙂

Good luck with your workouts, folks!

4 thoughts on “The Joys of Aqua

  1. This sounds fab, I’ve wanted to try an aqua class for a while, I’ve heard there is an aqua Zumba in a gym near me so will be trying that out soon! The classes I go to usually have 1 or 2 men in, sometimes more in spinning, and I went to a yoga class recently that had almost more men than women in. Strangely though most of the classes I go to are run by men! I think more men should try them out, they are missing out on a great workout that is a lot of fun!

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    1. Thanks for the comment! It’s great to hear that men are more involved in the classes you attend 🙂 The fact that they aren’t in my gym could well be down to demographics.

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