A Long Weekend

Today marks the end of a four-day weekend filled with celebrations, cake, films and games. It was a bank holiday weekend in the UK so everyone had Monday off, but Elle and I also booked off the Tuesday as we were celebrating her birthday. We went back to the rooftop bar/cinema to see Breakfast at … More A Long Weekend

Double Date at the O2

Happy Sunday, bloggers! I hope you’re all having a great weekend so far. Mine is going very nicely so far. Last night, Elle and I met a couple of friends at the O2 for dinner/cinema. If you’re not familiar with the London O2, its a massive entertainment complex built inside (and outside) the millennium dome … More Double Date at the O2

Work and Play

This week has been a fairly standard one – work and play. The warm weather that recently blessed London was as fleeting as I predicted, and we’ve had nothing but grey skies and cold winds ever since. Fortunately I did manage to squeeze in one outdoor run before the sunshine left us. This was nice as I went to … More Work and Play

Mmmmm… Barbecue!

When it is sunny in London, you really should take advantage of the weather while you still have the chance. I said in my previous post that it is fleeting, and the British weather has remained true to that tradition. On Sunday, my brother did a barbecue at his place for my mum’s birthday. Since … More Mmmmm… Barbecue!

Sunny Days

Summer has arrived in London in full force! Less than a fortnight ago we were experiencing snow and now the temperature has shot back up to a balmy 22 degrees. I never take this sort of weather for granted as it can be fleeting for us. Fortunately we’ve had a fairly steady dose of sunshine … More Sunny Days

Civil Weekend

Happy May Day – its the bank holiday weekend! With three days off work for the price of two, Elle and I didn’t waste any time enjoying this weekend. Friday night kicked off with me going to see Captain America: Civil War. I read this series of comic books years ago and loved it. I’m … More Civil Weekend