Mmmmm… Barbecue!

When it is sunny in London, you really should take advantage of the weather while you still have the chance. I said in my previous post that it is fleeting, and the British weather has remained true to that tradition.


On Sunday, my brother did a barbecue at his place for my mum’s birthday. Since he has a garden, this meant we could spend most of the day sitting outdoors and enjoying the warm temperature.


As usual, no barbecue is complete without a variety of cold drinks.


In a rare display from the weather, it remained sunny throughout the entire day. People like me who work Monday to Friday were probably on cloud nine. It was the first time I was able to leave home in nothing but a t-shirt. I’m aiming to wear lighter colours this summer… Elle always says I look better when I do.


So that rounded off the weekend very nicely. As I mentioned, London weather can be fleeting. As I write this, the city streets are being soaked with rain.


Still, I’m always grateful for what little slices of summer we can get. Plus… rain can be as good for the soul as sunshine can.

Until next time, folks! 🙂


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