Computer vs Phone: How Do You Blog?

Hello again from London!

For the first time ever, I’m writing a blog post using a computer instead of my phone. Its an odd experience! I assumed it would be essentially the same, but its really not.

When someone likes or comments on my blog, I get the notification right away and can respond immediately… or at least the next time I check my phone. I use my computer only a fraction of the amount I use my phone, so I’d prefer not to read/write blogs exclusively from my computer.

z blog 1

This is crucial because engaging with my readers is important to me. I don’t want someone to post a comment that I won’t see until 5 days later. I also don’t want to be someone who’s like “hey everyone, check me out” and then not give a damn about anyone else’s blog.

I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs, so having WordPress on my phone means I can do it on a regular basis. Its especially useful when I’m on the train to and from work. Its just always there in the background, like Facebook. If you’re not used to reading/writing/commenting on blogs on your phone, I really do recommend it. You might be surprised at how much more engaging it is 🙂

I bring this up because a fellow blogger kindly nominated me for a blogging recognition award. I’m not familiar with these things, but it seems to work like a chain where you get nominated by someone to answer questions about yourself, then give advice to other bloggers.

I’m humbled and grateful that The Gym Bug nominated me and would once more like to convey my heartfelt thanks – especially for the lovely comments made about me. Alas, I won’t be posting my answers to the questions as I don’t really have any advice to offer fellow bloggers (beyond downloading the WordPress app). But thank you again for the kind nomination.

That’s all for now, folks. Thanks for reading and please be sure to check out The Gym Bug’s blog because its a great read 🙂

Until next time!


9 thoughts on “Computer vs Phone: How Do You Blog?

  1. I actually blog from my phone too. And occasionally I check my computer. But the phone I quicker because you can blog on the go. By the time my pc is on I forgot half of what I was going to post 😃

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  2. Thank you for the kind shout out 😊 I always use my laptop to write my blog post, I find typing on a keyboard more therapeutic than on my phone. Having said that, I always use my phone to check and reply to comments and keep up with the latest posts as it’s just easier to use on the go as you said. I was not aware there was an app though so will be checking that out!

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  3. Hey 🙂 I have to say I do use both about 50%
    When I’m out I use the phone, or when I’m no where near my laptop (as of now) but when I’m
    Home, or in a writing mood, schedule posts, want a bigger screen….I still do use the laptop. Both is great and what I sometimes do is just jot it down on the phone, safe it as draft, get on the laptop and type it properly lol

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