Global Running Day – June 1st

Global Running Day is almost here and you can get involved!

If you haven’t heard of this event, I wouldn’t be surprised as I only heard of it recently myself. It is a day dedicated to getting people outdoors and running. In doing so we hope to encourage a million children to be more active and take up exercise regularly.


The best part of this event is that its easy enough for anyone to join. You can run anywhere and any distance you like – simply pledge your participation at and then hit the road on June 1st. Don’t forget to check in with your preferred choice of social media using #GlobalRunningDay. You can also join the challenge via the Strava app if you use it.


There are groups of people organising social runs in various parts of the world and you might be lucky enough to live near one… or perhaps even start one yourself. I’ll be running alone but I’m still looking forward to it. There’s just something cool about taking part in something that people are doing around the world.

If you decide to sign up, let me know in the comments. Good luck everyone!


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