A Step Backwards

This has been a shocking and depressing weekend. The EU referendum has split my country straight down the middle and everyone is worried about the future. And with good reason. I’m not going to dwell on that. This blog post was extraordinarily long and outlined all the reasons I think the UK just made a terrible mistake. … More A Step Backwards

The London Grind

If karma exists, it doesn’t like how relaxed I was last week. It has taken no time at all for life to revert back to the grey, windy, rain-soaked grind of everyday life. This week has seen a combination of crap decisions at work, late hours at the office, crowded angry commutes, and awful weather conditions that have soaked London in heavy rain, cold … More The London Grind

The Wonders of Silence

Elle and I have arrived at our self-catering holiday lodge for a week of rest and relaxation. The surrounding countryside is as peaceful as I’d hoped. There’s no dull roar of traffic and no screaming drunks. Our newest neighbours, in fact, are some very cute ducks (and accompanying ducklings!) But as quiet as the area … More The Wonders of Silence