“I’m Gonna Run to You”

Global Running Day has come and gone – and I have to say I had a lot of fun following this on social media.


All throughout the day, I saw people tweeting photos of their run under the hashtag #GlobalRunningDay and it really motivated me to get out there and join in.

I pledged to run 2k, which is a distance I can’t always achieve. But I figured an event like this was as good a time as any to push myself towards a solid goal. I’m very pleased to say I hit it! My next target is to hit 2.5k (and one day… 5k).


If you run with a phone, you’ll be familiar with the trouble of carrying items with you. Its less of an issue if you’re on a treadmill, but if you’re out on the streets then its tough to carry a phone in your pocket without it bouncing around, slipping out, or suffering humidity damage from perspiration.


I’ve tried a waist belt and an armband in the past, on both the treadmill and outdoors. These accessories had mixed results. The armband would only adhere to my skin and was ineffective on top of a long-sleeve top… which I usually wear outdoors as London is chilly and/or windy most of the time.

The waist belt was better, but still kept riding up from the movement of running. Even when tightening it as far as it would go, it would slip and slide. In the end, I finally found a decent solution… the FlipBelt.


This elasticated belt is brilliantly simple – it shrinks around your waist so it stays firmly in place. It keeps your phone stable and secure and even has space for things like keys (without them jangling around). I really can’t overstate just how effective this accessory is.

The only trouble is the price tag. It costs £25, which is unnecessarily high. In fact its borderline extortion. And yet… its difficult to argue with the results, especially when I’ve wasted money on a waist belt and armband that both proved to be ineffective.


I’m alternating runs between the gym and the streets at the moment. The hot sunny weather that graced London recently was as fleeting as it is rare. We’re now back to the usual overcast skies and chilly winds that have long since been the norm.

That’s all for now. Where ever you are, I hope its warmer than it is here!


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