The Wonders of Silence

Elle and I have arrived at our self-catering holiday lodge for a week of rest and relaxation. The surrounding countryside is as peaceful as I’d hoped. There’s no dull roar of traffic and no screaming drunks. Our newest neighbours, in fact, are some very cute ducks (and accompanying ducklings!)

But as quiet as the area is, its the lodge itself that I find most satisfying.

This place is gorgeous. As a one-bedroom bungalow, the space in each room is beautifully laid out. Every amenity has been provided and we’ve already met one of the owners who is friendly and welcoming.

The bathroom is impressive, featuring a huge walk-in shower and a bath tub that is large and deep. This is great as Elle loves her baths while I’m more of a shower guy. And having two sinks is great for the morning!

The only real drawback is the weather. Grey clouds and rain are the order of the day, and the forecast predicts more of the same for the whole week. Alas, our forecasts prove to be inaccurate more often than not, so fingers crossed we’ll get some sunshine to enjoy the outdoor private hot tub.

That’s all for now, folks. Thanks for reading and I hope you’re enjoying drier weather where you are!


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