Fourth Wedding Anniversary!

My four-year wedding anniversary has been everything I hoped for. The lodge that Elle and I booked (see previous post) has been a wonderful escape from our usual reality and we’ve made the most of it.

Traditional gifts for a 4th anniversary are fruit and flowers, however we got a bit creative with this idea as fruit isn’t the most interesting gift. So Elle bought me a DKNY apple scented cologne and a box of chocolates flavoured with fruit. I bought her a white jasmine scented candle and a mango & pineapple bath bomb, both of which contain jewellery inside.

This little dipping set is from Hotel Chocolat and features two pots of solid chocolate that you melt in the microwave. They are accompanied by crackers, nuts, and candied orange peel but you can dip anything you like really… Marshmallows, strawberries and so forth.

For the date of our actual anniversary, we drove to a nearby town to try a pub called the Fox & Goose. It was quaint, quiet, and staffed by very friendly and attentive people. Just the ticket for some traditional English food!

Although we had rain during the first two days of the week, Wednesday and Thursday defied BBC Weather’s predictions of doom and gloom and gave us blue skies and hot sunshine. We decided to take advantage of it by having a barbecue… as this is something we’re unable to do in our flat back home. And if you’re going to play with fire… why not bring giant fluffy marshmallows?

A lot of time was spent in the lodge’s private hot tub. This was in the back area surrounded by a fence, so we had total privacy. It included a sauna too, although we mainly stuck to the hot tub as it meant we could enjoy the glorious sunshine pouring down on us.

It also meant we could hear the music being piped in from the living room’s stereo (which conveniently ran to different rooms in the lodge).

Overall, this has been a fantastic week and we both feel happy and rested. If you’re interested in checking out the lodges for yourself, you can find the website here.

That’s all for now, folks. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed your week too : )

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