The London Grind

If karma exists, it doesn’t like how relaxed I was last week.

It has taken no time at all for life to revert back to the grey, windy, rain-soaked grind of everyday life. This week has seen a combination of crap decisions at work, late hours at the office, crowded angry commutes, and awful weather conditions that have soaked London in heavy rain, cold winds, and even flooding in some areas.

I know I’m being pedantic. I know these are first world problems and that I shouldn’t care about them. But I do care. Too much. Perhaps that’s my problem. I wish I could stop these things from stressing me out, but I can’t flick a switch and turn it all off.

I once wrote a post about trying to cope with this stuff. It has since become my bible. I’d love to be able to go to the gym more and work this stuff out of my system. But there is so little free time in the evenings due to work/commuting. Even worse, every time I look at social media I’m hit with motivational quotes that make me feel bad for letting circumstances get the better of me.


Awesome. I’ll just stop working and go. Who needs a job, right? They’re only bills.

gym 2

Good advice, but it doesn’t make the trains run on time.

gym 3.jpg

Erm… its not working. I’m still stuck on a train platform after a long day at the office, and I still feel like shit.

gym 5

Does it? I happen to like being comfortable. Its one of the reasons I work so hard. What’s the point of working hard at life if you can’t relax and enjoy it? Peace of mind, happiness, feeling content, being comfortable… these are my life goals.

So while I’m on the subject of motivational quotes… here’s one I actually do like.

gym 6

Now these are words to live by. And I’m trying. I try hard everyday to be thankful for my health, happiness, and everything good in my life despite the negative circumstances that surround us.

I sincerely hope you all find the peace that you work hard for, too.


8 thoughts on “The London Grind

  1. I know you’re hating the rain there in London but man I would kill for it here in Cali lol. I really enjoyed reading this post. There’s so many times when all the little negative things hang over us like an ugly dark cloud and on social media we see people happy living there “perfect” lives and preaching these motivational quotes like it’s that easy to just change things and feel a different way. I deal with anxiety and depression and although it doesn’t control me anymore I still have my dark days. My coping methods though really seemed to help. Listening to music is a good one that helps me but my most successful coping mechanism is to journal. I journal all the time. Being able to just get everything I’m feeling out whether it makes sense or not and no ones gonna see it but you. It helps to organize my thoughts and get a look at the bigger picture. Anyways I hope you can get out of this funk. Sending happier vibes your way 😊

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    1. Thank you the kind words : ) I appreciate them. I’m afraid I have let these negative thoughts win over me for now, but coping mechanisms can indeed help : )


  2. Managing life can sometimes be overwhelming. Unexpected things happen and it can throw off your day. I try and find time for me in the nooks and crannies of my day. Some days are easier than others, but I keep on swimming! Exercise helps me and I do that throughout my day. I can’t always take an hour to workout, so I sneak bits of it doing my daily things I do. A balancing act. I wish you well in finding peace! Cheers, Koko:)

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