Sunshine and Pokemon

London has been enjoying a summer. And I mean a genuine scorching hot summer with temperatures reaching above 30 degrees centigrade. I’ve been taking many opportunities to take advantage of the weather, including walking around topless in the park to get some sun on my body. Yes, I’m sorry… I know its annoying to see guys … More Sunshine and Pokemon

Hyper Japan

Hyper Japan returned to London this July for yet another great expo! I’ve been to many expos in my time, but Hyper Japan has become my favourite. As the name implies, this expo celebrates Japanese culture, lifestyle, entertainment, fashion and cuisine. While it involves some great traditional aspects of ancient Japanese culture, there is a big focus … More Hyper Japan

A Grey July

This week has been a fairly normal one in personal terms. The weather over London has been its usual mix of grey clouds, chilly winds, and spells of rain. We had some occasional spells of sunshine here and there, but nothing you could call a hot summer. Its not so bad, though. Rain mixed with sunshine leads … More A Grey July