It is 11.09pm on a dark and rainy night in London.

I’m stretched out on my sofa listening to the sound of the rain coming down – it feels quite soothing and therapeutic. Unfortunately its also cold so I’m having to wrap up warmly… not a big deal but obviously not what you want in July.

My gerbils are happily digging away in their respective cages. The TV is off. Things feel peaceful and calm… aside from the drunks yelling in the street outside (we get a lot of that where I live). I would hope that the sheer volume of cold rain falling down from the sky would at least keep the yellers and fighters off the streets. Alas, they seem determined to drink themselves into a violent stupor regardless of the weather.

Work has had its ups and downs lately. Personal matters have also had their ups and downs. Life, it seems, is pretty much a slow-motion roller coaster of ups and downs. But I can’t help but wonder if I feel it more than others.

There’s something about me that I’ve never spoken about or written about. But its the main reason I started this blog last year. Writing posts about my general life helps me organise the thoughts from inside my head, which sometimes leads to clarity. It has also helped me with something very specific.

I’m not quite ready to reveal what, but one day I will… when I know exactly what to say and how to say it. Until then – if you’re reading this – then thank you. Thank you for checking out my posts and liking/commenting. I appreciate it.

Goodnight, everyone.


2 thoughts on “11.09pm

  1. I kinda know how you feel sometimes there are no words. But keep writing because there are people who “listen” and it will eventually lighten the load you’re carrying 😊


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