Hyper Japan

Hyper Japan returned to London this July for yet another great expo! I’ve been to many expos in my time, but Hyper Japan has become my favourite.

As the name implies, this expo celebrates Japanese culture, lifestyle, entertainment, fashion and cuisine. While it involves some great traditional aspects of ancient Japanese culture, there is a big focus on the fun kawaii aspects of Japanese entertainment… hence the name ‘hyper.’photo_2016-07-18_07-46-59_am.png

This year had some fun live performances from various artists.


There were plenty of games to play – plus chillout areas for 3DS gamers to relax and exchange StreetPass hits.


Pokemon had a massive presence this time – not surprising given the recent popularity of Pokemon Go. There were tonnes of cute little Pokemon plushies on sale for only £8, but I resisted the urge.  Elle and I have a lot as it is.


Kirin Ichiban is almost always on tap at Hyper Japan – which is my favourite beer. I also had to try some matcha ice cream, which was every bit as heavenly as it sounds.


The tree is what I loved the most. There were some wonderful wishes and blessings that people had written, but this one was my favourite. This kind of message is important now more than ever, given that we’ve seen a UK split in half, a rise in hate crimes, escalating gun violence in America, and a military coup attempt in Turkey (allegedly).

The main website is here. Overall, I had a wonderful time and I’d definitely recommend this to anyone with even a passing interest in Japan.

That’s all for now, folks. I’m off to enjoy the blink-and-miss-it heatwave London is enjoying right now. Until next time!

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