My Birthday

I turned 35 yesterday. That feels weird to say.

I doubt any of us actually feel as old as we are. I certainly don’t feel 35 years old. Its strange to even think of myself as an adult sometimes, as I often feel like a teenager at heart. Of course, I take my responsibilities seriously when it comes to family planning, work, finances and so on. But deep down in my heart, I feel the same as I did when I was 21.

Many people say that we are defined by our actions rather than our feelings and thoughts. If that’s true, then by all accounts I am indeed an adult. I’m a full-grown man who acts responsibly at work and sensibly plans for the future with his wife. If, on the other hand, we are defined by our innermost thoughts then I am a 21-year old who gets excited about Marvel movies and video games.

I guess the ‘real’ me is a blend of the two. Sometimes old, sometimes young. Sometimes serious, sometimes silly.


My birthday celebrations unexpectedly began on Thursday when my team surprised with me a cake during our monthly team meeting. I genuinely never expected anything like this, and I felt incredibly humbled that they went to the trouble of buying a very nice cake from Fortnum & Mason.

finding dory.jpg

On Friday evening, Elle and I kicked off the weekend with a visit to the cinema to watch Finding Dory. This film was far more emotional than I anticipated. For parents/carers who take care of a child with special needs, I suspect it will speak to them in a very moving and compelling way. Pixar have a way of communicating strong moral messages in their films in the guise of fun family entertainment. On top of that, there are plenty of laughs and some of the CGI animation looks stunning – particularly the surface of the water.

On Saturday, I held a joint birthday party with my friend Jackie. We’ve done this multiple times in the past since her birthday is the day after mine. This year, we decided to have drinks in a pub followed by dinner at Chimichanga.


In addition to the dinner, we enjoyed some cocktails and I kindly received some nice presents from my friends.


Sunday was the day of my actual birthday so we spent it with my parents and Elle’s parents. However, before I even left home I found a nice surprise waiting on our doorstep.


Our neighbour, Laura, is a good friend of ours and she was kind enough to give me this. While I’ve received many gifts this weekend, I particularly love this beer and the cake from my team… not for what the gifts are, but because they were a surprise. Being surprised with a gift is such an amazing feeling!

After lunch with my parents, I went for a walk around with Elle and her sister to enjoy the mild weather and catch some Pokemon. Although it wasn’t sunny, it was pleasant enough to stroll through the park without a jacket.


In the evening, we went for a dinner at an independent Italian restaurant called Corleone’s.


As the name implies, the decor had a Godfather theme and the food wasn’t bad either.


All in all. I received some excellent presents. Elle’s family are always so generous and Elle herself has treated me to a luxurious Lush Spa massage called Synaesthesia. These unique treatments are very expensive but are worth every penny. If you’re not familiar with them, you can read about the last time I visited a Lush spa here.


Add to that beer, whisky, sake, chocolate biscuits, aftershave, CDs, and Amazon vouchers… and I’m feeling incredibly grateful. All in all, its been a great birthday! I hope you’ve all had a great weekend too, where ever you are.

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    1. Haha thanks – its always nice to receive a comment : ) I like Leffe too so my neighbour chose well. Its a little stronger than I’m used to but it has an unusual flavour and that appeals to me.

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