A Weekend of Car Shopping and Super-Villains

At the age of 35, I am finally the owner of my own car.

It took an entire day of examining cars at the gargantuan store called Car Giant – a second-hand car dealer that’s been tried and tested by my parents several times in the past. The biggest highlight was my parents surprising me by paying for it, which is such a massive help to me and Elle financially speaking.


I’ve been driving for four years on my dad’s car and I’ve known just how convenient it is. We can drive to our parents instead of using buses… or getting the tram to do our weekly food shop… or taking our pet gerbils to the vets. Even as I type this, its really dawning on me how useful our own car is going to be when we need to get about.

There’s also another huge reason I wanted to get a car, but that’s a blog for another time 😉

This weekend, Elle and I also went to see Suicide Squad at the cinema. Her choice – not mine. While I love superhero films, the idea of a super-villain film does not appeal to me at all. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.


I would describe this film as a confident mess. It a cacophonous mix of action, backstory, and characters that all strive to stamp their own unique signature on the film. The identities of these characters are helped greatly by some excellent music choices and editing montages, but unfortunately it feels forced most of the time… not to mention rushed.

A good way to see what I mean is to try this… After watching Suicide Squad, go and watch Guardians of the Galaxy (even just the first 20 minutes). Think about how each film uses music and ask yourself this question… Which film is desperately trying to seem cool, and which one feels comfortable simply telling a story?


While I can’t recommend Suicide Squad too highly, I have to give the makers credit for chasing their unique vision with passion, energy, and an undeniable amount of confidence. Its also far better than the abysmal Batman v Superman, if for no other reason that it makes sense for bad guys to act like bad guys.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, folks. I hope you enjoy the week ahead!

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