Summer Days

Summer continues in London, despite the weather’s best efforts to thwart it.


We’re halfway through August and although the news is reporting a heatwave, London itself is an ambivalent mix of hot sunshine and chilly winds. Consequently, you can tell what time people left home based on what they’re wearing.

The chilly mornings necessitate a jacket or coat, but the lunchtimes and afternoons allow for t-shirts and shorts. As a result, my train rides home are accompanied by an odd mix of office workers dressed in dark long coats standing next to tourists in skirts and sandals.


As always, I am grateful for any sunshine we get and am happy to feel some sun on my skin… whether its rolling up my sleeves during my lunch hour walk or going topless on the landing outside my flat for some brief sunbathing.

I’ve been doing the latter a lot less though, due to lack of privacy. Two of my neighbours saw me the other day. Its not exactly a big deal to see a guy topless outside his own flat, but I still feel conspicuous. I wish I could shake that.

In any case, I hope you’re enjoying some hot sunshine where you are. I’ll leave you with this gorgeous summer sunset over my home city.


Bye for now 🙂

6 thoughts on “Summer Days

    1. Thank you! I enjoy yours too : ) I usually use the WordPress app to catch up on the day’s blogs on my train ride home. Its great to see other bloggers commenting/getting to know each other via their posts : )

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