Friends Fest

Its been an eventful week. The unusually generous summer has continued to bless London with skin-tingling sunshine and temperatures as high as 28 degrees centigrade.

The weekdays have been full of the usual workloads and various meetings – changes are coming for my department and I’m not at all convinced they are all for the better. Still, we adapt as always and move ever onwards.

My personal life has been far more exciting, with various meet-ups between friends and a trip to Friends Fest.


This open-air event celebrated the 10-season run of one of the most memorable sitcoms on TV. Elle and I arrived in the late afternoon, so we were able to catch the warm sun setting over the area. With clement weather and a laid-back atmosphere, the whole thing felt like a relaxing comic con built specifically for Friends fans.



There were plenty of sets in which to indulge your nostalgia… especially if you’ve seen so many Friends episodes that you instantly recognise the areas.


Beware of the ugly naked guy!


It was also fun to re-create poses from certain moments we like from the show.


“Richard? If you’re in there, could you pass me my credit card?”


There were quizzes and food & drinks stalls all related to the show itself, plus a main stage with clips being shown throughout the day.


Overall, it was a really fun event… even if you’re not that into Friends. But of course I’d mainly recommend this to people who are.

Until next time, folks!

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