A Cosplay Themed Wedding

This weekend, Elle and I attended the most fun wedding we’ve ever been invited to!

Our friends are an awesome couple who share a passion for anime, manga, comic books, video games etc and their wedding reflected this in spades.


The wedding cake was impressive, as was the theme for each table… which included Marvel, DC, Doctor Who, Pokemon and so on. We chose to sit at the Marvel table (because lets be honest… Marvel is awesome!)


While everyone was encouraged to show up in cosplay, the happy couple themselves naturally had the most impressive outfits. I couldn’t recognise them personally but I was told it was from an anime called Code Geass.


Elle went as Elsa from Frozen and I went as Pokemon trainer. I think we both turned out pretty well!


Elle wasn’t the only Elsa there, though… a discovery that lead to one of the sweetest moments of the evening disco (after the happy couple’s first dance of course!)


By far, my favourite costume of the night was the groom’s brother… who made his own Iron Man suit.


We also got into a lengthy and fun discussion over why I love Civil War so much. Its always nice to meet a kindred spirit!

For the first time in my life, I got intensely emotional at someone’s else first dance. The happy couple’s song choice was Eyes On Me… an endearing love song from Final Fantasy VIII that tugs at my heartstrings. It really was a beautiful moment in the day.


Overall, this was an amazing wedding.

I’ve avoided a lot of specific details out of respect for our friends’ privacy, but I couldn’t resist sharing what an amazing theme they had. We’re very grateful that we got to share their special day. Here are some more moments from the day.


Hope you’re all having a great weekend yourselves. Until next time, folks! 🙂

9 thoughts on “A Cosplay Themed Wedding

  1. Absolutely fantastic! I love that people are now incorporating fandom into weddings. I’m super jealous and hope one of my friends does this at some point. I mean all of them are geeks so it’s bound to happen one day lol.

    All of my music was from Final Fantasy. I walked down the aisle to the Prelude and we walked out to the version of the Ending Theme from FFVII Advent Children. Of course we played Aeris’s Theme for the flower girls to walk into and then the rest of the wedding party 😀

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    1. I love the ending theme from Advent Children : ) That’s an excellent choice… as is using the Aeris theme for flower girls. Sounds like it was a golden memory for you. I think (hope) this sort of thing grows more and more common in the coming years and decades.

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      1. I think it will as people realize that what they like is as important as tradition! I mean it’s your wedding day. Do what you want. Our generation (I’m assuming you’re at least in mine or close. I think I’m a Gen Xer. I was JUST talking about this at lunch, too hehe) is very much about that, and I think it’s brilliant.

        That version of the ending theme has made me cry harder than I’d like to admit…often while driving. Oops lol.

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