Autumn and Sleepwalking

Summer has finally ended after a final three-day burst of glorious sunshine, with temperatures in London hitting 30 degrees again. Now that’s what I call going out with a bang!

Today I woke up to a dark sky and it really hit me that we’re now heading towards colder weather. Reality has finally caught up with the seasonal calendar – Autumn has begun in earnest.


Cold rain has cascaded down upon the streets of Central London for most of today. It feels strange because less than 24 hours ago, the city was being baked in hazy sunshine. It was so warm that I even woke up naked a couple of times last night. This is something that happens to me from time to time. I’ve occasionally gone sleepwalking during the night and shed my clothes. I usually have no idea until the next morning, when Elle notices and wakes me up.


I sometimes wonder if this is linked to my mild anxiety problem in some way. In the past, stress has triggered a sleepwalk but sometimes it happens simply because I’m feeling hot, like last night. We use the location of my clothes to figure out which it is. If they’re lying on the floor beside the bed, then I was probably just hot. If they’re strewn around the flat, then I obviously went for a walk… perhaps to exorcise some inner anxiety/stress?


If I can, I’d like to explore this in more detail when I speak to a professional about my mental health. The mind is a fascinating frontier to study.

In the meantime, wrap up and enjoy the Autumn. Until next time, folks! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Autumn and Sleepwalking

  1. This week’s weather in London has been nuts!

    It’s (apparently) better to sleep naked regardless of the weather. I know I sleep better when I’m not fighting various layers of duvet and pyjamas.

    I don’t give advice online (I’m a psychologist by day) but would encourage you to speak to a professional about this anxiety/stress if it’s impacting your wellbeing. You could start with your GP and get a referral to someone accredited and experienced. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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