Cosy Evenings

As the evenings grow longer and darker, Autumn is settling in for a comfortable stay. That means more time spent indoors away from the cold. If I had to pick one word to describe why this is a good thing, it would be this…



I like closing the curtains on a dark windy night and relaxing on the couch with Elle. Sometimes we’ll watch Netflix or Amazon or sometimes I’ll play a game instead. Either way, its the time of year for wearing layers and getting cosy with a hot drink.


I’ve been reading several interesting blogs about people preparing their Autumnal supplies, usually along the lines of scented candles, bath bombs and so on. Elle is the main provider of this sort of stuff in our home, so we usually have a healthy supply of shower gels, soap, face masks etc. And yes… I sometimes use face masks too 🙂

On that note, I’ve booked the Lush Spa treatment Elle bought me for my birthday a few months ago. This one is called Synaesthesia and its one of the more expensive and extravagant treatments they offer. From what I understand, it involves hot stones, a body massage and a facial massage accompanied by soothing music and relaxing aromas.


Elle has also booked the treatment I bought her called Tales of Bath. This one requires a bath tub, so its in a different site from the one I’m going to.  It involves a long relaxing soak in a bath tub followed by a body massage while lying on your side.

Lush Tales Of Bath. 2..jpg

We’re both looking forward to our treatments very much. You can read about my previous Lush Spa experience here.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, folks! 🙂

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