Work, Dinners and Cupcakes

Work has been dominating the last couple of weeks. At least it feels that way.

The sheer amount of weekly work has been a little taxing – more so than usual. I can’t really say why. Perhaps its just the weather? The dirty cotton wool greyness of an overcast sky is far from the brilliant summer we were blessed with.

Still, I have no complaints. I have my health and my loved ones, and that’s the most important thing. Happiness can be made ourselves.

20160917_202803.jpgElle and I have been hanging out with friends a bit over the last few weeks, eating at some very nice restaurants.

20160917_200447.jpgWork held a bakesale to raise money for Macmillan’s Coffee Morning, which was great. Some of my colleagues went to a lot of trouble to bake some treats for the office… my favourite of which were mocha cupcakes with espresso icing.

Screenshot_2016-09-30-11-31-02.pngOn the final weekend of September, a gaming expo called EGX (Eurogamer Expo) took place in Birmingham. I’ve attended this expo for the last nine years – you could almost call it a pilgrimage of sorts.

Alas, this year I avoided it. Ever since the former mayor Boris Johnson pushed to have the previous venue (Earl’s Court) demolished and replaced with luxury flats, EGX was forced to relocate to a different venue. It now takes place at the Birmingham NEC.


While the NEC is a great exhibition venue, getting a train there from London proved to be a horrific experience last year… thanks largely to the greed of Virgin Trains. I won’t go into details other than to say it was basically two of my work commutes back-to-back to get to Birmingham, followed by the same trip back that night.

That was enough to put me off going to EGX. Its a huge regret for me… but I can’t justify spending that much money for a journey that will stress me out, no matter how much I love the expo itself.

That’s all for now. Wrap up and stay warm – until next time folks! 🙂

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