Lush Spa – Synaesthesia

In the heart of London’s Oxford Circus… amid the throng of shoppers and bustling crowds… lies a haven of tranquillity and relaxation. The Lush Spa.


I’m not a stranger to the spa. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting this place several times now, one of which can be read about here. This time I redeemed my wife’s generous birthday gift for a treatment called Synaesthesia. This is Lush’s signature treatment and is honestly worth every single penny of the £125 price tag.


The Lush therapist today was called Emily, and she did an amazing job of making me feel welcome and relaxed from the very first moment.


After an informative and fun consultation, I went into the treatment room and stripped down to my underwear. You lay under a sheet so you never feel exposed during the massage… which consists of a facial massage, body massage, and hot stones places across the head and body.


The stones were particularly cool (although not literally!) as I’ve never had a treatment like that before. The whole thing felt relaxing and mesmerising. The massage is choreographed with a specially made soundtrack to really change your mindset, taking you out of your headspace. I came out of the room feeling completely different… renewed and rejuvenated.


I’ve now had the pleasure of trying three different Lush spa treatments and they are all out of this world. If you feel like saving up for a special treat, this is definitely one that won’t disappoint. The prices may be steep, but you absolutely get what you pay for.


I’m afraid I couldn’t really take great photos as the treatment room had a dark ambience to it. Also… its one of those experiences where you want to forget about your phone and drift away. Hopefully this gives a fairly good idea of what it looks like.

If you’re curious, you can view more information about Lush’s spa treatments here. Thanks for reading, folks. Until next time! 🙂

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