‘Tis The Season

The Christmas season is in full swing and Elle and I have been getting into the spirit, as always!

This weekend, I continued my annual tradition of wrapping all my Christmas presents in one big wrapping session while watching an Avengers movie.


This is always fun for me, and its a tradition I intend to continue every year. I get a lot of pleasure from wrapping presents. I know some people find it arduous but I see it as another reason to get excited about Christmas 🙂

Last night, Elle and I attended a Christmas party hosted by our next door neighbour, Laura. She has been our neighbour for a couple of years now, and in that time she’s become a great friend.


In addition to the spread of nibbles above, Laura also did a great job of decorating her home to look festive and inviting.


It was fun to mingle with all our neighbours beyond the usual pleasantries we exchange on our way to/from work. Its also super convenient to ‘go out’ while still being able to nip back home to use our own bathroom.


Overall, it was a fun night filled with lively conversation and plenty of bubbly. Next weekend, we have plans to meet up with some more friends for another annual tradition – the Christmas meal 🙂

I hope you all have a great Christmas, whatever you’re upto. Until next time, folks!

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