Four Factors, One Equation

This has not been an easy week. I’ve been battling illness while caring for the last of our pet gerbils, Robyn, who was sadly put down for humane reasons on Friday night. In a weird way, it feels like my physical body was mimicking how I felt emotionally.

I worked at home for 4 days out of 5 this week due to train strikes by Southern Rail. These have been called the worst train strikes in Southern’s history (which is quite a feat, if you’re familiar with Southern). Additionally, there was a cyclone in India that caused a power outage to my company’s office in Chennai.

What strikes me about all this is how all of these events are unrelated, yet they all combined at the same time to make this week either more difficult or more easy to deal with, depending on how you look at it.

1) The train strikes? They caused misery for hundreds of thousands of Londoners, yet they meant I was working at home at a time Robyn needed me most. I was able to give her food and water to make her as comfortable as possible in her final days.

2) The cyclone in India? Devastating. Several people died and untold damage was caused. But the damage it caused to my company’s office in Chennai also meant I had little to no work to do this week, so I didn’t get stressed about caring for Robyn while operating under the strict deadlines I normally have.

3) My illness? Obviously it sucks to feel weak and dizzy, with a head that feels like its a sticky petri-dish. But being sick now means I’ll be back to normal for Christmas.

4) The death of Robyn? Well this factor has no plus side. She was a member of our family and Elle and I both loved her. The only thing worse than her dying is seeing her continue to suffer.

I’m not saying I’m grateful for a cyclone. I just find myself thinking that if I removed any one of these four factors from the equation, my week would have felt different. A lot different. And aside from choosing the moment of Robyn’s death, none of these factors were within my control.

I guess that’s the way things go sometimes. Life gives us cards and we have to play them… How we play them is up to us.

Thanks for reading, folks.


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