Still Waiting for the Snow to Fall

“I’m still waiting for the snow to fall. It doesn’t really feel like Christmas at all.”

Christmas Lights, Coldplay

There are 3 days to go until Christmas but I’m not feeling particularly festive. Normally I’d be revved up and ready to go, but both Elle and I are still mourning the loss of Robyn. 

This death seems to have a more impactful aftermath because she was the last of our pets. We keep feeling and instinct to say “morning” to her or “we’re back” before remembering she’s not there anymore. There’s only an empty space where her cage used to be.

Nevertheless, Elle and I have each other and we have our health, so I remain grateful for that.

Elle had been making some peppermint bark lately as a festive treat for our families. It consists of two types of chocolate with crushed peppermint candy canes, which should end up having a rather fresh flavour to spread around some festive cheer.

I think it turned out pretty well 🙂

Every year, we like to leave a little gift on our neighbours’ doorstep in the spirit of giving… usually a bottle of wine or something. So it was lovely to come home last night and find this on our doorstep in reciprocation 🙂

The festive spirit is indeed all around us. In fact just now at work, I was feeling off-kilter as I started the day seeing a ‘no longer confidential’ email from six years ago. It was between two managers who were discussing my incompetence over something at the time.

I had no idea as they never actually talked to me about their issues. I can’t bring it up now as they’ve since been forced out of the company (unrelated to me). But still… it never feels nice to learn your superiors think poorly of you.

When I went to get a cup of tea, I returned to my desk to see this…

One of my team members had left it for me, with a card thanking me for being a good editor. I like to take care of my team (which includes handing out presents at Christmas) so this instantly perked me up… not just for the gift but the intent behind it… wanting to make someone feel better intead of worse. THAT’S what I love about people 🙂

Elle also loves macarons so there’s plenty of cheer to spread around!

Until next time, folks 🙂

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