Happy New Year!

We made it! New Year’s Eve has finally brought a tumultuous 2016 to an end.

In the past, Elle and I have celebrated New Year’s Eves in many different ways…

We’ve gone to restaurants, we’ve gone to house parties, and once we even got lost with our friends in a park in Kingston.

However, this year we decided to stay at home for a romantic candle-lit dinner. We bought a Dine-In meal from M&S (so we wouldn’t be burdened with cooking and cleaning up).

We also dressed up for the occasion. We both feel that special occasions are worth putting in the extra effort… plus Elle always looks gorgeous in a dress 🙂

As I look back on 2016, its easy to see what an eventful year it has been. We’ve seen some high profile celebrity deaths and the world at large has experienced politic turmoil on both sides of the Atlantic. Yet for all that, I’ll always try to remember 2016 for the positive things.

It was a year in which Elle and I shared many memories with wonderful friends, including our closest neighbour Laura. Many people think of city life as cold and alienating, where nobody knows their neighbours. While that’s true to an extent, we’ve found some of the kindest and most compassionate neighbours we could hope for. Laura is also the first person I’ve discussed my anxiety with besides Elle, which was very helpful to me.


It was also the year I pushed myself to get fitter. It took years of feeling guilty and being lazy, but I finally got active and it helped me enormously both physically and emotionally.


It was the year a video game took the entire world by storm, uniting gamers and non-gamers from multiple countries, cultures, and walks of life.


It was the year I wrote a blog to record my personal experiences and express my thoughts and feelings.


And finally… it was the year Elle and I were able to start seriously planning a family.

That’s right, folks. Elle and I are having a baby!

In a couple of weeks, there will be a third person living with us. We will be parents. I still can’t quite believe it, despite the fact we’ve been preparing for this for most of the year.

2017 is going to see the next big step in our relationship…raising a child together. I genuinely can’t think of anything that will be more difficult or more rewarding 🙂 And all of my thoughts and experiences of parenthood will be right here on this blog.

Thanks for reading, folks. I hope you all had a great new year’s celebration and I look forward to reading all your exploits in the new year. In the meantime, recover from those hangovers and keep on blogging 😛

2017 has begun…

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