A Bathtime Mishap

Normally, early January is a drab time of year. I tend to feel the same post-Christmas blues as many people since it feels like there’s nothing to look forward to. However, this year is different as I do have something very special to look forward to… the birth of our baby 🙂

So January has felt unusually bright and full of anticipation. It feels like Elle and I are in a bubble of sorts… a gap between the end of the festive holiday and the beginning of our next big journey. The days have been spent getting back to work and enjoying my Christmas gifts, which brings me to the subject of this post.


Elle has been using Lush bath bombs for many years. These are typically powder-based spheres that dissolve in water. So whenever its bathtime, I’ve just grown used to one of us dropping a bath bomb into the tub. Nice and simple.

However, she recently bought me some bottles of bubble bath for Christmas. I’m a big fan of Marvel superhero movies, so when she asked me if I wanted anything specific for Christmas, I responded with a simple “Anything to do with Marvel… especially Civil War.”

Thus, I received these.

The tubes shaped like Iron Man and Captain America are the bottles of bubble bath. As you can probably tell, they’re intended for children but they still made a fun stocking filler that made me laugh on Christmas morning 🙂

The only trouble is… the bubble bath is liquid. And without any dosage instructions on the bottle, I had no idea how much to use. So I poured the bottle into the running water for about 5 seconds, figuring that would probably give me a moderate amount of bubbles.

When Elle entered the bathroom, she found me somewhat… smothered. 

Ah well. You live and learn 😛

2 thoughts on “A Bathtime Mishap

  1. What a wonderful Elle for treating you to such happiness! Bubbles…who doesn’t love to be surrounded by them whether in a tub or floating in the air? I hope you enjoyed your bath, the holidays, and all the best to your family! Happy 2017!

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